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EcoCult does a solid for GoodWell

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Hey, I know you would never knowingly buy a product made with child labor. You wouldn’t give your money to a company that discriminates based on gender, age, religion, race or sexual orientation, or that pays its CEO over 100 times what the company’s average employee makes. And you definitely wouldn’t knowingly support a company that destroys the environment. 

And yet, you – I, we – do all the time. Because of the complexity of today’s global economy, we don’t and can’t have a personal relationship with the companies we buy from, and we can't know what is really going on behind the scenes. 

The new certification system GoodWell is trying to change that. Founded by former consultant and tech entrepreneur Pete Golbert, Goodwell has created a simple yet powerful system to ensure the companies we buy from meet essential standards of humanity – and that includes the entire supply chain, from the cotton to the boutique, the copper to the electronics store.

They are currently in the process of recruiting one million consumers to join the certification, with the ambitious goal of eventually having 100% of companies worldwide operating by the GoodWell standard, a standard they see as pretty basic. 

If you would like to be a founding member, it’s $35 to join and support a unified conscious consumer organization. 

So easy, right? 

Let's all do a solid and join up!  Elaine Joli is founding member 202.


Food For Thoughts Cards

In the book Burning Cool,  there are dozens of great stories about people who are Burning Cool, but none have compared to the word of mouth repeatability of Connie Charney's story.  An adjunct professor at NYU, Connie started her passion journey by making one extra PB&J sandwich to give away to a homeless person on her way to work.  Two and half years later, she has given away the equivalent of 21,000 sandwiches through the sale of her greeting cards.  Check it out at and please treat yourself reading about this fantastic and inspirational Burning Cool woman who is activating her verbs on a daily basis. 





The story doesn't get any better than how Steve Katsaros, changed the lives of millions of people around the world.  A patent attorney and engineer living in Denver, he walked past a construction site that was lit up like a Christmas tree.  He stood there and contemplated how much energy was being wasted.  That started Steve on a journey that changed his life and gave an option for millions to give up costly and dangerous use of kerosene.  His company is NOKERO (as in No Kerosene). 

You can purchase your very own, very cool little solar light bulbs - garden parties, camping, emergency use and if you have kids - show them how to charge them in the sunshine and then let them read a book or play under the covers!  Perfect.