This movement is about advancing the consumer end of the sustainable, socially responsible movement already underway by visionary brands, by making life a winnable game where growth, supporting the right things and being a part of an alert and loyal tribe is fun.  And using consumer purchasing power to align brand ideals and values with individual ideals and values.

So, who am I to think that’s possible?

Hi!  My name is Elaine Joli and my internal sense of purpose – the thing that makes my heartbeat, the problem-solving in my brain, seeking the more interesting, the more unusual, asking more questions, twisting and bending ideas – is to live an interesting and joyful life and to share my energy, knowledge and marketing savvy to a nation of folks looking for something to change their lives.

I’m an experienced and tested marketing professional with 27 years under my belt.

I’ve directed the real estate marketing and sales for American Ski Company, of one of the largest ski area developers in the U.S. as well as the real estate holdings for Rio Tinto Group, one of the largest mining companies in the world.  Over the span of my career, I’ve also directed the marketing initiatives for dozens of moderately sized residential and resort developments in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.  Every one of them has been creatively challenging, exciting and profoundly personally and professionally rewarding.

I’ve never met a marketing challenge I didn’t like.

I’ve written the only book on the shared-ownership industry, titled Vacation Nation, and it still stands today as the go-to manual for consumers.

I dived into the tech industry to create three tech companies, but immersing myself into the technology arena was like getting an MBA in ass-kicking. But I learned about social media, content creation, mobile, gaming and that made the journey somewhat painful but invaluable.

But here’s the thing. I’m also a sculptor, artist, writer, speaker and entrepreneur.  I am as Walt Whitman proclaimed: I contain multiudes; I am not singular.

While I’ve had a long, extraordinarily interesting and diverse career, fostering a variety of skill sets,  I live a life in creativity.  I know what joy and satisfaction it brings me and I know that if you embrace the “I can” it will reward you in ways you never thought possible.  In work. In play.  In relationships.

I’ve heli-skied the Bugaboos, climbed to Machu Pichu, eaten in the best restaurants and in the worst dives all around the world. I’ve owned a resort hotel in a National Park, a retail shop, created a Gift Bank for corporations, and presented a gift to Lady Diana. My love for animals goes beyond what is reasonable. My golf game is a work in progress. I discovered many years ago, money is not salve nor savior and a higher calling is just that. Higher.  Brighter.  Better.

My successes have all been part of team efforts and but my failures are my own.  

My desire and job with this movement is to create a fertile environment that encourages and develops innate creativity, participation and zest for living I believe is in everyone, and by doing so introduce the new concept of brand support active consumerism.  I am calling in markers, makers, experts, peer contacts, media, celebrities, organizations and brands to make this movement happen.  My sincere hope is that you will join us.

Cheers,     Elaine Joli