Zing the "ing"


Cool used to be about the Brands.  About the stuff we wear, the stuff we buy, the stuff we drive. We were led to believe that buying into what someone else told us was Cool, would elevate our status.  And it worked.  For the Brands.  For celebrities selling us stuff. 

Until now. 

The New Cool is about activating your verbs - when you Zing the "ing."  Doing.  Creating.  Participating.  Mentoring.  Supporting.  Disrupting.  Innovating. Inventing.  Sharing.  Collaborating.  When you Zing the "ing" - you're Burning Cool.

But it's also not about wholesale demonizing consumerism. 

It's about supporting brands that align with your values and aspirations.   It's about diving deeper to learn about the brands that are leading the way in sustainability and social responsibility.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. And yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
— Howard Thurman

The Book


Today, the platinum card of relevancy is Being Cool, Having Cool, Wearing Cool, Selling Cool and Explaining Cool. Arguably, Cool is one of the most powerful economic drivers since the evolution from the stamp pad to the mouse pad. It's about status; being accepted, elevated, rewarded, admired and recognized as something more than you are.  

There are plenty of opinions out there of what constitutes Cool, but all tap into the nostalgic and wistful idea that Cool is still about attitude, autonomy and individuality. We are told to be Cool you have to be unique, have a degree of the renegade, and an "I don't give a damn attitude".

The problem is, it just isn't true anymore.

We can get Cool with dollars and eyeballs. We don't need to do more than follow someone who's going to tell us what to shop for, how to look, what shorthand language we need to use on social media and whom to follow. And there are plenty of brands, pseudo-experts and evangelists directing the traffic.
But we're evolving. This is the age of doing, accomplishing, participating, creating.

The idea of Burning Cool is elevating and leveraging your power. It's about understanding that stuff is just stuff, and there is no magic logo or brand that makes anyone Cool. Living the verbs and consuming with consciousness is the New Cool. It's the things people do, and actions people take that have social value, clout, relevance and recognition.

A New Cool is happening, and you want to be part of it.


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